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Austin, TX

February 17th, 18th and 19th

"Show up with nothing but a pen and paper and
leave with a sure-fire, six figure plan! Guaranteed!"

Matt Gill, Eric Louviere, Bill McIntosh


Dear Colleague — 

Hi, I'm Eric Louviere and on behalf of my partners Bill McIntosh & Matt Gill, welcome to this explosive and incredible program!

 For reasons you're about to discover, this letter here could be the biggest breakthrough moment you've ever had for generating financial independence!

 ...It's true.

 Because you see, what I'm about to reveal to you in this letter alone, can change the rest of your financial life.  In fact, if you read every word of this letter, you'll view everything differently than you ever have before.  Seriously

 How can I be so confident? 

 Easy... I've used these secrets to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, in a very short time.  In fact, when I first learned these secrets, I quickly catapulted my income from nothing to six figures in less than six months... THEN I went on to millions in less than 14 months!

And the rest is history and I've earned a significant income ever since, even years later after learning these secrets!  I honestly know I'll never have to work for someone else ever again and my life shall always be abundant because of these life-changing secrets! 

YES, this is serious and you're lucky to have found this letter.   

It really is life changing and I'm not pulling your leg or throwing a bunch of BS hype at you either.  This is as serious and financially life-altering as you'll ever find.

Every Millionaire Marketer I Know
Followed These Secrets Too!!

Despite what you might have thought in the past, or what you've been told, I'm here to blow the entire thing out of the water and hit you right between the eyes with bombshells after bombshells in this letter and you owe it to yourself to read every word.

Listen, most likely you've been chasing blogs... and free traffic... and membership sites... and formulas... and systems... and PPC... and home study courses... and on and on.

Likely, you've been like a dog chasing its tail around and around in circles getting nowhere fast.  It's highly likely; you've been at this for a little while and still have not made enough money to brag about.  

Well, it's time to put all of that to bed and listen up.

Most of the marketers and successful income earners (and gurus) you've heard of and followed admirably, have used the secrets to explode their incomes practically overnight!  I mean, the Internet has not been big forever... yet you have people who exploded their incomes in less than six months, when previously, they held day jobs (some pretty bad day jobs to boot)...

Nonetheless, these people went from rags-to-riches EXTREMELY quickly and I'm here to tell you how they did it.  In fact, I'm here to teach you how to do it yourself.  AND, I'm going to get some of the smartest marketers alive to teach you how they did it... how you can do it... and step by step!

NOTHING Will Ever Be As Powerful... Lucrative... Or Explosive As What You're Going To Learn In This Program... NOTHING! Period, End Of Story, Case Closed Your Honor, The End!

Look, if you are serious about finally changing your life... and your family's lives... and your great grandkids lives... and everyone around you and their lives too... then seriously put on your "thinking cap" and put this into proper perspective, because life is short my friend and it's time someone tells you the truth!

Most rich and successful marketers you've heard of did one simple thing to explode their incomes and that one specific thing they did was:

They Built Leverage

Now, this might sound foreign to you and confusing at first glance, so keep reading...

There are different types of leverage... and any one of the many different types of leverage can make you a small fortune very quickly.  All you have to do is match-up the perfect type of leverage to you and what you are passionate about... and BAM!

Cash-windfalls come to those who have and build leverage.  The more leverage you have, the easier it is to earn a significant income quickly.  This works online and OFFLINE. 

In fact, there are millions and millions of dollars made every single day offline and online... with common and ordinary people... utilizing the power of leverage!

Let me give you a few examples:

If you have the power of conversions (or copywriting), then you have leverage in this market because most don't have that ability... and even if they do have that ability... they want others to do it for them!

(Even if you yourself are not a copywriter, we can show you how to earn big money using other people's abilities, it's HUGE!)

If you can drive traffic, then you have leverage and most in this market will throw opportunities and MONEY at you like there's no tomorrow.  You'll freak at how easy it is to earn big income and strike lucrative joint-ventures if you can drive traffic for others.  They'll practically worship you!

If you have contacts, you have leverage.  Most do not have contacts and they need contacts and if you've got them, you got millions sitting in your hands in the form of leverage.

If you can create compelling products, you've got leverage.  Most need compelling, high quality, ass-kicking products and if you've got them, you have power!

And the list goes on and on and on!  There are all types of leverage all over the place.  It's like money just hanging around waiting for someone to just reach up and grab a bunch of it!


The secret power of leverage is bigger than you can imagine and when used properly, it's like a simple road map to riches and I'm not hyping this one bit!  Seriously, keep reading...

There are techniques to utilize "OTHER PEOPLE'S LEVERAGE" and rake in big bucks any time you want!  I'm talking about online and offline opportunities and they are as abundant as you can imagine!

Everywhere you look, there's opportunities online and offline to utilize other people's leverage to make yourself a fortune very quickly.  For example:

-- Company ABC sells widgets to thousands of customers

-- Company XYZ sells services to thousands of customers

 You can easily tie company ABC with company XYZ and earn a small fortune just brokering the deal.  You strike the deal once, get paid for a long-long time afterwards.  I've seen this happen in commercial real estate... in the print advertising world and all over the place for the past 20 years! 

I've done it myself offline AND online.  For example, one guy was very good at copywriting and was hungry.  He was willing to give me a cut if I could get him clients.  I then reached out and found a marketer who had a copywriting product of his own. 

I simply got the guy with the product to promote the copywriter and I made a bunch of money doing pretty much nothing.  Thank you very much.

Offline, I took one print publication and hooked them up with a web design company, and I made a cut of all the income generated for YEARS!  Thank you very much.

This is only scratching the surface!  Anyone can do this and there are a ton of other ways to use, build and grow leverage to make you money – doing practically NOTHING yourself.  This is big business and this is a TREMENDOUS secret to wealth!

This is one of the easiest, quickest, slickest avenues for earning huge income – passive income – there is on this planet and it's as abundant as you'll ever find.  The opportunities are endless!

You Don't Even Need To Be The One Who Strikes The Deals... Nor The One Who Has Leverage... This Is Brilliant!!

Look, if you know how to utilize leverage properly and effectively, you barely have to lift a finger and money floods your way by the truckload.  All you need to know are the secrets and the steps for executing these secrets of leverage!  That's it!

If you know how to utilize leverage (like the way we'll teach you in this program) then it's possible to make six figures faster than you can ever imagine.  It's been done many-many times before you.  It's proven time and time again and it's one of the biggest business lessons you'll ever learn.

By being smart about this, you can arm yourself with the knowledge and "know how" to earn more money than you currently even believe is realistic.  It's really amazing how the world works and how money is generated and in this program, we'll teach you everything!

I cannot think of a more powerful, lucrative, life-altering education than what you are going to learn in this program.  I mean, when you get your hands on this program and these secrets, you really will be equipped to earn huge income any time you want to.

It's like knowing a secret the rest of the world is ignorant to.  It's like a license to print money and it's the very best and single most powerful money-making breakthrough I have ever had.  It really has changed my entire life!


Isn't it time you master these secrets of
leverage and explode your income, finally!?!


In Beautiful Austin, TX

 Discover ALL The Secrets Of Leverage And Joint-Ventures In One Jam-Loaded Weekend On February 17th, 18th & 19th



 For one full weekend in February, we will lock ourselves in a luxury hotel conference room and divulge every ounce of secrets we possess until the room calls uncle!!  We will school you on the most lucrative... most powerful... most life-altering... most financially abundant... education you'll ever get, guaranteed!

This weekend will change lives, strike deals, prepare plans, build partnerships, strike joint ventures, and set you (and the others) up with a sure-fire, slam-dunk income!

PLUS, Guest Experts Who Have Also Used Leverage To Explode Their Incomes Very Quickly Will Be At The Summit To Teach You As Well! 



Three Jam-Loaded Days Of Pure, Liquid Gold!!


Can you imagine being at a top-gun summit like this??  Imagine all the people are there to discover the biggest "secret" to marketing riches there is, all in one room!  To say this is a goldmine for striking deals and catapulting incomes is an understatement!


There Will Be Million Dollar Deals Made All Weekend Long!!


Nothing will be held back and everything will be revealed.  You'll show up excited and wide-eyed to discover these magical techniques, but you'll leave the summit with an arsenal of money-making methods that blow away any blog or traffic tactic you'll ever find anywhere!

I mean, you'll know how to use these secrets for the rest of your life!  Even if the Internet exploded and never existed again, you'd still be able to earn a substantial income offline for the rest of your life.

As long as people exist on this planet, you'll have a license to earn big income no matter where you live or the economic conditions.  When we say we will tell it like it is and NOT hold back, we mean it... even if it requires tough love. 

Show Up With Nothing But Desire... And Leave With A Full-Blown, No-Holds-Barred Blueprint For Wealth That Will Last Your Entire Lifetime!


-- You don't need experience...

--  You don't need a list

--  You don't need to be a guru

--  You don't need to be able to drive traffic

--  You don't need to be a copywriter

--  You don't need any contacts

-- None of that!!!!

You don't need a thing except for desire!

If you have desire to earn big money, then we want you here!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get all the secrets for earning wealth — period.  Forget the Internet for a second, what we are talking about here is pure OPPORTUNITY!

The Internet makes it even more abundant, but this can be done anywhere!  You can do this even where you currently work a day-job.  You can do this online, offline, in any country, it's everywhere and it's massively ABUNDANT!



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Attend This Event:





Events like this are the cream of the crop.  This is where you strike deals that can last a lifetime.  Events like this one can change your entire business for the better in one quick weekend.  This event can be the catalyst that shapes everything you do for the next year -- or decade!  This event is where the magic happens and this is where the "serious" go to balloon their incomes.  This is where the game is played... and played well.  Get in the game!




The relationships you strike at this event can shape your income for years to come.  The inspiration, abundant mindset, ambition and strategies you discover at this event is priceless for catapulting your income!  Relationships and synergy you land at this event... well... you cant put a price tag on that!




Content!  The strategies, insights, secrets and discoveries you extract from the speakers and attendees is second to NOTHING!  Seriously.  There's no better way to get the REAL advice, secrets and strategies necessary to explode your success!




Fun!  If you are as passionate and excited about Internet Marketing and making money as the rest of us, then you'll not want to sleep!  The conversations and inspiration just flows all weekend long and you'll be on an emotional high the entire time.  People talk shop and strategies all night long and some pull all-nighters just talking shop.  It's a place where you have something in common with everyone!  Have lunch with millionaires... mix and mingle with inspired people who want to quit their day jobs... interact with folks from all over the world who fly in to be around people like YOU.  It really is amazing how much in common we all have with each other!  Like minded people everywhere!!





Seats Are Extremely
This Is Where You're Going To KICK YOURSELF If You Miss Out!!



Of course, we have waited almost an entire year since our last event and the last one almost sold out.  This one is SURE to sell out fast.  Our customers and colleagues have been emailing, calling our offices, hitting us up on Skype, hitting us up in group coaching chats, everywhere for many months asking, probing, pushing and virtually begging us to do another MEGA EVENT... so this one is a slam-dunk, sure-to-sell-out-event!


LOOK, I'm telling you right here and right now... do not hesitate to get your seat to this event.  Austin is one of the biggest Internet Marketing cities in the world and the entire town is loaded with people who are very much into Internet Marketing.  The seats will be gone faster than you can say, "Live Music Capital Of The World!"


This event is downtown Austin, TX right on famous (6th Street) and it's one loaded fun time, guaranteed!  Plus, people from all over Texas flood events in Austin (other Internet Marketers).  You're going to seriously kick yourself HARD if you don't get your seat and miss out.





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Now's the time, not even joking.  Get your seat now, right now, don't wait a second.  When this is sold out, it's sold out and it's first come first served!


See You There!



The Job Crusher Guys

Eric Louviere

Matt Gill

Bill McIntosh







PS -- If you've never been to an Internet Marketing event, then you just picked the best one ever to be your first to attend.  Boy, you are going to be on an emotional rush for a long time after you attend this extravaganza right here!  You'll see money everywhere and have it coming out of your ears!!  Seriously.  We cant wait to meet you!!


PPS -- I'm not even joking about this selling out fast.  The tickets could be gone in the next hour there's so much demand for this event!  HURRY!  Seriously Hurry!


PPPS -- The content alone is going to blow you away and be techniques and secrets you can use to earn money online and offline for years to come!  That does not even count the value you get in building relationships, having glowing conversations and a ton of fun in the process!!